EFI Gravure Proof Paper 4245 Semimatt

Semimatt proofing paper for FOGRA39

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The EFI Gravure Proof Paper 4245 Semimatt is designed for use with the latest ink generation of the leading printer manufacturers (K3, Lucia, Vivid, Vivera, etc.). It meets the industryÔs most stringent quality and consistency re- quirements. A very low content of optical brighteners guarantees a high color stability – metamerism effects are minimised. The microporous, PE coated media hits the Fogra Norm 39L without any problems. The white point of the 4245 barely departs from the predetermined value defined by ISO 12647-7. In most cases the simulation of the paper white becomes redundant. The 4245 provides users with simplified installation, improved productivity, increased profitability and ease of use – all with the consistency and reliability sealed by GRACoL/SWOP (granted for #3) and Fogra certification (granted for PT3, S1 and S2). The #1 bestseller out of the EFI Paper range is supplied with the EFI-FOGRA print on the backside. Naturally this media is compatible for proof creation according to ISO 12647-7.